Writing to a Database

The workbook is a simple sheet that allows a user to enter the parameters of a share trade. They can then click on a button, and the details are written to a database.

The code is structured in three layers: a general database access layer, a "business" layer that knows how to translate from concepts that make sense in the application domain (such as stock symbols and prices) into database commands, and then a UI layer that interfaces between the spreadsheet and the business layer.

The database access layer is a simple bit of generic IronPython in the pre-constants user code. It uses the .NET API to execute a non-query SQL statement against a database, the latter being specified by an ODBC connection string.

See the documentation page (the More Information link) for the kind of database this spreadsheet expects to work with.

More information
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02 February 2009. Tagged with button, database, UI


This model has been created for Resolver One, an advanced spreadsheet. You can download Resolver One here.

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