Texas Holdem Monte Carlo Simulator

This spreadsheet can be used to evaluate a player's Texas Holdem hand and show which other hands would beat you using a Monte Carlo simulation. It can calculate odds on the flop, turn or river, and will display pre-calculated odds for pre-flop hands. It also includes a built in help system.

The spreadsheet uses a .NET library to evaluate and score a players hand and compute the hand value (ie.. Full house, 6s full of 2s). There is a grid of potential opponent pocket hands, which holds the 169 possible types of starting hands. Each cell in the grid contains a list of pocket hands for that group (stored as a list of 52 digit binary masks) and the Invalid/Win/Tie/Lose information for that group. Groups of hands with a high percent chance to win will appear as red cells, where as hands with a lower percent chance to win will appear in gray or white.

New Features:
-Built in help system to outline how the spreadsheet is used
-Support for partial hands using Monte Carlo simulation
-Displays High Win percentages as shades of red
-Displays Moderate Win percentages as shades of gray
-Displays low win percentages as white cells
-Uses cached worksheet to store initial hands and pre-flop win percentages that are pre-calculated
-Automatically recalculates odds after changing cards
-Uses separate files for each user code section, as well as a single CachedCodeModule file for cached code. This allows for use of a full IronPython IDE during development

-Currently is set to run 300 tests per cell on the flop or 100 test per cell on the turn.
-Total hand evaluations on the flop: 350,000

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24 April 2009. Tagged with competition, games, monte-carlo, poker, texas-holdem, Web-Browser, winner


This model has been created for Resolver One, an advanced spreadsheet. You can download Resolver One here.

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