A spreadsheet designed for maintainability

Resolver One is a new kind of spreadsheet program, designed for maintainability and reliability.

Resolver One was designed from the ground up to help you write maintainable spreadsheets, with features like column and row formulae (pictured above), headers, and the unique RunWorkbook function.

Everything you can do with a traditional spreadsheet, you can do in Resolver One: write formulae, use cell references, format your sheets so they appear just as you like them, put comments in cells, create validation dropdowns, add buttons, and much more. You can even import your existing Microsoft Excel™ documents, or export Resolver One documents as .xls files.

Resolver One aims to solve the problems that often plague spreadsheets and cost your company money, time and effort. It has a wide range of powerful features that improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and provide extensibility, without taking away the rapid prototyping and flexibility that a spreadsheet environment offers.

The important difference between Resolver One and traditional spreadsheets is that Resolver One makes scripting a first-class citizen, not an afterthought. In Resolver One, the spreadsheet is the program. As you change your formulae, Python code is generated and executed, with the results displayed as values in the grid. You can then edit the code, define your own functions and use programming constructs that give you unlimited power and flexibility.

Get started easily

Best of all, you don't have to be a programmer to use Resolver One! You can begin by using familiar spreadsheet functions. Then you can study the generated code to get a feel for how to accomplish certain things in Python. You can write as little or as much scripting code as you feel — it's just a spreadsheet, after all!

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