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Resolver One: End of Life

When we started Resolver Systems seven years ago, we had a dream to change the way people used spreadsheets. We produced what we believed to be an excellent piece of software, and found many fans along the way. We’d like to thank everyone who supported the product and gave us the feedback and ideas that made it what it is.

But while many people did buy Resolver One, we struggled to turn it into a commercial success. The vast majority of people are happy with either Microsoft Excel, or one of the free alternatives available from Google and the like.

Since mid-2011, all of our development focus has been on a new product, PythonAnywhere. Because Resolver One and its associated products are no longer being actively developed, we feel it would be wrong to continue to offer them for sale. We are considering options such as making the Resolver One codebase available as an open source project, but it depends on a number of commercial components, which might make that difficult.

We will, however, continue to answer technical support questions sent to us over email and in the forums. You can ask questions about Resolver One here.

Once again, thank you to all of our users for your support over the years, from all of us at Resolver Systems.

2 Responses to “Resolver One: End of Life”

  1. Siah (@siah) Says:

    It is sad to hear that you are not planning to develop RO anymore but I hope the source code becomes available so it can still live. You guys certainly did an amazing job on Resolver One. Thanks

  2. giles Says:

    We’re trying to work out what we can do about that. The problem is that Resolver One uses various third-party components, and they are commercially licensed. So we can’t give them away, but on the other hand, open-sourcing the codebase without them might be of limited value. Drop us a line if you have any thoughts on how we can handle that!

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